Minggu, 19 Februari 2017

How to Choose Best Apps from Store

How to choose the best apps from Store? It could be a question that sounds pretty odd. However, in the digital world that is filled with a variety of applications, it is highly relevant.

Moreover, today there are so many applications for various services or also games on various platforms. Yes, of course, we will be looking for a particular application platform that we use. But not a few applications that offer the same or similar services. So is the game. Sometimes, things like that quite confusing.

For this reason, we try to give some tips on how to choose the best applications to use.

1. As far as possible download applications from the official store

Sounds cliche. But at least the official stores like the App Store, Play Store, Windows Store has systematics to filter applications or games. Systematics is what ensures that the application is safe to use.

2. Read the description and technical information

Sounds boring. But it will provide a variety of information to us. For example: For what applications are concerned, what features are available, what data will be used by the application, how the size of the application, what the minimum requirements so that applications can run, the last time an application is updated, etc.

From that information, we can look at the suitability of the application or game with our needs and preferences. We can also see the seriousness of the developer in the care of his application or applications.

It also includes reading the Privacy Policy and Permit Applications.

3. See ratings and read reviews

Both of these are the easiest answer to the question how to choose the best application. Almost everyone knows. But sometimes, yet we forget the details.

By looking at the rating, we can see the ratings from users of the application. Do not forget to see also how many people are on rating (out of five stars to one star). Because it could provide a fuller picture.

The review is usually more personal. By reading the reviews, we could see the impression of other users. What they love and what they hate. Do not forget to see the reviews based on the latest order.

The draw of the rating and review, we can also see whether the developer of the application or game diligent answer concerns or not. If he frequently answered questions or complaints well, he could be considered serious work on the application. Indeed, in what sense this is not a guarantee. Great company, for example, not too often answered the complaint in Store (there may be another forum for that, such as UserVoice).

4. See who the publisher or app developer

When it comes to games, we are probably already familiar with names such as Square Enix, Gameloft, Rovio, King, etc. In our minds have imagined how the games they publish. We also already know how the quality of their game.

That picture of the importance of seeing who released an app or game. See what apps or games that have been released by the developer. See also how rating and review other applications.

This will become even more important if you download the app instead of the official exchange.

5. Check reviews on the internet

Search the internet news or reviews about the application in question. There are many reviews of the application or game available. For example-ahem-here. Compare those with the review on the exchange. Because sometimes, writers like to correspond with application developers. So who knows there is more information.

Another way that is quite similar, ask your friends who are using the application. Who knows, he never used (or still use), and can provide a clear picture.

6. Try an app or game it (find a trial version)

If you do not get enough picture, the only way is to try the application. Some commercial applications provide a trial version. So you can see first how the performance of the application. If not satisfied, uninstall it.

If you do not believe, find alternative applications or other similar games.

Based on how to select the applications above, if you have experience with an app or game, do not forget to give a rating and review on the Store. In addition to helping other users, you can also get help on your complaint from the application developer.